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Everyone knows how hard it can be to give up smoking. If you’re a smoker and you’ve ever tried to stop then you’ll probably have given lots of things a go to help you quit. There are so many different products on the market that claim to be able to help you, such as gums, lozenges, patches, sprays and even pills. However, there is one thing that all of these cessation methods overlook and that is what an important part of smoking the actual act of putting a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it is. Although electronic cigarettes are marketed as an alternative to smoking, rather than a way to help you quit, in actual fact many thousands of people have successfully used them to help them give up. Although it is of course impossible to say what works for people on an individual basis, many smokers agree that e cigarettes are a useful part of the quitting process because when you use them you feel just like you are smoking a real cigarette. E cigarettes look and feel exactly like the real thing. Each cigarette end contains a lithium battery which is activated by inhaling. When you inhale, odourless water vapour is released, giving the appearance of cigarette smoke without the smell or the choking effect. Each cigarette filter tip contains a refillable nicotine cartridge which is how you achieve the nicotine hit. This is also flavoured with tobacco scent to give you that smoking feeling. You can choose the strength of your nicotine cartridge and gradually reduce it over time which is a great way to help you quit. You can even choose a flavoured cartridge such as menthol, apple or strawberry, making your e cigarette even more pleasant to use. Now that smoking bans have taken effect in many countries across the world life for smokers has become more difficult. Although the ban on smoking in public places has encouraged many people to give up, if you haven’t quit and need to be somewhere where you can’t smoke for a long period of time it can be extremely stressful. Many smokers feel guilty about forcing those around them to breathe passive smoke. With e cigarettes you can also eliminate that problem too because the vapour which eminates from an e cigarette is completely harmless. Because e cigarettes produce an odourless water vapour you can smoke them anywhere, including planes, trains, restaurants and pubs. So if you need to go on a long haul flight or you don’t want to miss out on the fun during a social occasion then there’s no need to panic, e cigarettes will help you get through it. As well as being much better for your health that conventional cigarettes, e cigarettes are also much cheaper. When compared to the average amount a smoker spends on cigarettes every year, switching to e cigarettes could save as much as $2000 annually. So you’ll not only be improving your health but you’ll be improving your bank balance too!

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